These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - Fall Edition

Happy November!

I can’t believe that we are already approaching the holidays… this year has FLOWN by! This time of year can be CRAZY, but I encourage you make sure to schedule in time for yourself every week. Taking time to exercise, eat healthy, get out in nature, and do the things that help you to feel rejuvenated are all forms of self-care and are extremely important. You can’t give everyone else your best if your cup is empty. Look at your planner at the beginning of every week and map out some YOU time. This will help you to feel grounded, be more productive, and maintain your happiness, health, and sanity during this busy season.

Here are all of the favorite wellness things for staying happy, healthy, radiant, and most importantly: SANE this fall! :)


The Clamshell bridge - gotta keep that booty and core tight through the fall!

clamshell bridge 1.jpg
clamshell bridge 2.jpg

Yoga Pose

Puppy Pose - This juicy heart opener will melt all of your tension and stress away.

Puppy pose.jpg

Breathing Exercise

Alternate Nostril Breathing - As we approach the holidays, use this calming breathing technique to stay centered, relaxed, and focused.

Alternate Nostril Breathing 2.jpg


  1. Start in a comfortable seat, sitting up tall. Place your left palm face up on your thigh. Bring your index and middle fingers to rest between your eyebrows.

  2. Plug your right nostril with your thumb and take a full inhale through your left nostril, pause at the top of your inhale for a count of three.

  3. Then, plug your right nostril and fully exhale through your left nostril. Pause at the bottom of your exhale for a count of 3.

  4. Take a full inhale through your left nostril. Pause at the top for a count of 3, then plug your left nostril and fully exhale through your right. Pause at the bottom for a count of 3. That is one round. Repeat for 4-7 more rounds of breath.


My Anti-Inflammatory Raw Burger is delicious, nourishing, and packed with yummy fall spices like cumin and turmeric. Best of all, it takes like 10 minutes to put together.


Vegan Treat

These easy to make, delectable RAW PUMPKIN CHEESECAKES by The Minimalist Baker are SO freaking good.


Ritual - This pretty pepperminty multi-vitamin the perfect way to make sure you are getting all of the nutrients you need. After taking this vitamin for 3 months, I noticed significantly healthier nails, longer hair, and more energy. Bonus: the deliver to your doorstep every month so that you never miss a day. All hail ritual!


“You have the life you believe you deserve.”

 I strongly believe that manifesting the life of your dreams comes down to two things:

#1 - SELF WORTH - now, you can look yourself on the mirror all day and tell yourself that you deserve something. BUT, deep down do you actually BELIEVE that you deserve it? If it is something you’ve been wanting for a long time but haven’t been able to get, chances are that you have some subconscious belief about yourself deep down that you don’t actually deserve it or that you aren’t actually capable of achieving it. 

Getting rid of these limiting subconscious beliefs takes a LOT of work. I recommend journaling about what it is that you really want. Write about why you haven’t been able to get it or achieve it - this can go for relationships, money, cars, a trip, anything that you want to have in your life.

#2- GRATITUDE - feeling genuine, heartfelt gratitude for your past (this includes the negative things, because they have been part of what has brought you to this present moment). Also, feeling gratitude for your present situation - again both the good and the bad, AND feeling genuine gratitude for the future. 

Practice imagining the life of your dreams. Picture everything you desire, feel it in your heart, and thank the universe and your higher self for bringing you all of these wonderful things.  

Create a daily ritual for yourself: use mantras to raise your self worth and defeat any limiting subconscious beliefs, journal what you’re grateful for everyday, and get clear on the life you want to manifest. 


Anatomy Of The Spirit by Carolyn Myss - I’m halfway through this book and LOVING it. In this book, Carolyn Myss teaches about how strong the connection between our body and mind truly is. She teaches that emotional and spiritual stresses or dis-EASES are the root of all physical illness, and that we can take control of our lives to kick dis-ease to the curb and heal ourselves.



It’s Strange (feat. K.Flay) - Bee’s Knees Remix - Louis The Child - With the time change upon us, I need a pick-me-up in the mornings and in the evenings. This song never ceases to pump me up!

Alright everyone, that’s all for now. I’d love to know what you think of My favorite fall things and Let me know what your favorite things for fall wellness are in the comments below. :)

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Stay Well,