How To Use Your Menstrual Cycle Phases To Be The Ultimate Girl Boss

I was recently listening to a podcast from one of my favorite entrepreneurial gurus out there - Jenna Kutcher. In this specific episode she was interviewing Kate Northrup, lady-boss entrepreneur and author of the book Do Less. This book gives women tools to help maximize your productivity in less time. YES PLEASE.

While, I haven’t gotten around to reading her book yet, I wanted to share with you an ESSENTIAL tool that she discusses on Jenna’s podcast - How to use your cycle for maximum productivity.

I had heard this theory before in regards to tracking your cycle according to seasons, and actually followed my cycle this way for a while. But Kate’s way of describing it takes it to a whole new level and really inspired my to begin to work with my cycle again so that I can be the most productive version of myself while also honoring my body and practicing self-care! So, here’s the breakdown:

Menstrual Cycle Phases

Menstrual Phase - Winter - the week of your period

This is the time to turn inward, ladies! During this time, your left and right hemisphere are the most cross-wired, making you the most intuitive at this time. This is a great time to slow down and pull out your journal. Sit down, reflect on, and evaluate what is working and what isn’t working (in your business and personal life). I think it’s interesting that we’ve always taught that when we are moody during our periods, it is from PMS. As I get older, I realize that it is really my intuition speaking and amplifying my deeper feelings to make them more clear to me!

Follicular phase - Springtime - the week after your period

This is when you are the most brilliant you! During this week after your period, it is like you are a blossoming flower. You are typically high energy and get lots of great ideas. This is the time to brainstorm, plan, initiate projects and get all of your amazing ideas out. This is a great to plan out your batching for videos, podcasts, blogs, etc.

Ovulation Phase - Summer

This is when the verbal centers of the brain are most LIT, making you the most fluent and energized. This is a great time to collaborate, network, and to batch podcast interviews, video shoots, pitches, and anything where you will be talking.

Luteal Phase - Autumn - the 10 days before your period

During this time of the cycle, it is good to begin to start to slow down a little and do that things that require details like writing, looking at your analytics, or finishing up any projects that you need to complete. This is the time where we PMS and typically lasts about 10 days (OMG so much makes sense now, lol). As I mentioned during the Menstrual Phase, I believe that PMS, while uncomfortable, is always telling us something. Take note of what makes you feel crankier and slow down when you have bad cramps - there’s a big chance you needed to slow down anyway. :)

Make sure to go listen to Jenna’s podcast episode with Kate and to read her book! I will definitely be reading it as soon as I finish the other 3 books I’m already committed to. Comment below if you follow these phases!