Living with trust and surrender + 9 Tips For Balancing Your Crown Chakra

The 7th chakra - Sahasrara - also known as the Crown Chakra - is the seat of cosmic consciousness, where we are liberated and connected to divine intelligence, the source of all manifestation.

When the 7th chakra is balanced and open, you feel the deep connection and oneness of the universe. You feel deeply connected to yourself and others. You can see the bigger picture and maintain a deep sense of peace regardless of what is going on around you, and you feel spiritually alive and blissful.

That within us which seeks to know and to progress is not the mind but something behind it which makes use of it - Sri Aurobindo

When your crown chakra is balanced, you have faith and trust in the Universe and your higher self. You allow yourself to surrender to the divine plan that your higher self set for you before entering this life.

This idea of trust, faith, and surrender is essential for living out your authentic truth and the life of your dreams. To to these things, you are forced to take leaps of faith. You need to do the very best that you can and then let go and surrender. You have to learn to trust that no matter how things work out, there was a lesson in it that you came here to learn.

So let go of your fear and turn to TRUST. Take that leap of faith and reach for the stars. Work your ass off and surrender to the outcome. No matter what happens in the end, it is something that your highest self intended for you to experience and learn. Reaching for your dreams is always always always worth the risk.

9 Tips For Balancing Your Crown Chakra


Verbal affirmations - or mantras - are extremely beneficial in opening and balancing all of the Chakras.

Spoken aloud for a few minutes in the morning, an effective mantra can reverberate silently in the mind all day long, carrying with it the imprints of vibration, image, and meaning. With each reverberation, it is believed that the mantra is working its magic on the fabric of both mind and body, creating order and harmony.” - Anodea Judith

Pick one of these verbal affirmations to use in meditation or throughout your day. You can write them where you will see them or repeat them out loud or to yourself. Say it, read it, use it until you feel it.

I am one with everyone and everything around me.

I open open to messages from the divine.

My soul is liberated.

I am a divine being.

The universe is kind and loving.

I am connected to my soul’s purpose.


Pick one of the following crystals. Infuse one of the above affirmations into the crystals by holding it between your palms and repeating the affirmation 10x with intent and clarity. Carry your crystal around with you to bring back the the energy of the affirmation and to remind you of your connection to the divine.


Clear Quartz




Use the following incense or essential oils while meditating, relaxing, or practicing self-care:







Palo Santo


Each chakra has a Bija (seed sound mantra) whose particular vibration is said to be in harmony with that of the chakra. By chanting it’s seed sound mantra, you can clear blockages and bring the crown chakra back into balance. There are a few different schools of thought on the 7th chakra seed sound, but AUM - the sound of universal connection - is what I like to use

Seed Sound Mantra: AUM - start by setting a timer for 2 minutes. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, on your exhale chant AUM and try to feel the vibration clearing and balancing your crown chakra. Repeat until your timer goes off. As you become comfortable, set your alarm for 3 minutes, then 4 minutes, and so on.


#4 Crown chakra meditation

Find a comfortable seat. Sit up nice and tall with a long spine. Place your palms face up on your thighs and create a chin mudra with each hand - resting the tip of your index finger to the center of your thumb and allowing the other three fingers to extend outward. Take deep inhale, and a full loud exhale. Close your eyes.

Find a natural breath and stay here for a few moments, just noticing the flow of breath in and out of your lungs.

Bring your awareness to the crown of your head. Imagine a vibrant white lotus flower bud with one thousand petals floating about an inch above the crown of your head. See if you can start to feel the vibration and flow of energy in your crown chakra.

One at a time, peel open the petals of the lotus flower. Each time you peel one open, feel your connection to everyone and everything around you getting stronger and deeper. Take a minute here, opening the petals, and feeling that deep knowing of oneness.

Now, imagine that vibrant white light flowing out of the bottom of the lotus flower. Watch as it flows over the top of your head. Down all four sides of your skull. Down your neck, throat, and shoulders. Down your arms all the way to your fingertips. Down your chest, back, and sides. All the way down your hips, upper legs, knees, and lower legs. Down your ankles and feet, all the way to the very tips of your toes. Feel peace, love, and connection wash over your entire being. Once again recognize your connection to all other beings. Recognize your connection to the divine.

Finally, recognize that since you are connected to all beings and to the divine, that you in fact are a divine being. Know that you always have infinite guidance and wisdom with you at all times, all you need to do is listen. Namaste.

#5 Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

Pranayama (breath control) is the 4th of the 8 limbs of yoga. Incorporating different breathing practices can be helpful for balancing out each of the chakras. One of the most beneficial pranayama exercises for the 6th chakra is Nadi Shodhana - Alternate Nostril Breathing.

Alternate nostril breathing balances the right and the left hemispheres of the brain, the Ida and the Pingala Nadis, and the masculine and feminine energies.

Start in a comfortable seat with your legs crossed. Place your left palm face up on your left thigh in chin mudra by touching your index finger to your thumb and extending the other three fingers out long. Bend your right arm and place your index and middle fingers between your eyebrows. Then, place your thumb on your right nostril and your ring and pinky fingers on your left nostril.

Plug your right nostril and take a slow inhale through your left nostril. Pause for a moment at the top of your inhale to retain the breath. Then plug your left nostril and exhale through your right nostril. Pause at the bottom of your exhale.

Inhale through your right nostril, pausing at the top. Plug your right nostril and exhale through your left nostril, pausing at the bottom. That is one round. Continue your alternate nostril breathing for 7 more rounds.

#6 Yoga Postures

Supported Headstand

Easy pose/Lotus

Tree Pose




Journaling is one of the best ways to discover subconscious limiting beliefs and blockages that are holding you back from being able to recognize universal connection and connect with divine energy. Use the following journaling questions to create awareness of any imbalances in your 6th chakra and to create a game plan to bring it into balance.

  1. Write down your history with religion and spirituality.

  2. Do you have a relationship with a divine being? This can be God, the universe, or another entity.

  3. Do you feel connected to other people, animals, and nature. If not, what do you think causes you to feel separate?

  4. The 7th chakra can become blocked from attachments. These can be material things, people, relationships, the need to control, and even experiences. Write down and reflect on any attachments that you have.

  5. Do you allow yourself to surrender to the flow of life, or do you constantly feel like you are struggling to control things?


#8 Color Therapy

The color of the 7th chakra is violet. Surround yourself with this color when you feel out of balance or want to deepen your connection to the divine. You can wear it, decorate your home with it, or look at photos of it.

While it can be hard to walk through life tolerating everyone, even those that upset or irritate you, remember that ultimately, we are all connected. When you experience an uncomfortable, irritating, or angering situation, take time to see yourself in the other person and know that they are reflecting back an aspect of you.

Make sure to give yourself time and space to connect with the divine. The deeper this connection, the more that you will be able to trust that everything that happens in your life is for your soul’s higher good.

With love, light and gratitude,