8 Winter Wellness Essentials To Keep You Sane Through The Holidays

It’s not technically winter yet (we have about 2 weeks) - but it sure feels like it in rainy San Diego right now.

While I love winter - the coziness, the sweaters, and the excuse to stay in and be in bed by 8pm ;) - this time of year is F-ing crazy! C-R-A-Z-Y.

Between holiday parties every weekend, work, and buying gifts for everyone in the family - it is hard to keep up (and adhere to that 8pm bedtime that I love so much).

But even though we are smack dab in the middle of this chaotic holiday season, I encourage you to prioritize self-care and introspection right now. Take time at least once or twice a week to do something that will bring your body and mind a sense of peace and ease. This can be a seated meditation, a yoga class, a walk through nature, a run, a bubble bath, etc. Whatever it is, make sure that it brings you to a meditative state where you can honestly reflect and get your mind clear on where you want to go in the next year.

I’ve written you up a list of my favorite wellness-related things for this month. I hope that some of these tips and tricks help you to get through this busy season feeling healthy, vibrant, and clear going into 2019!

Mantra - “I create my own reality.“

Something that I personally struggle with is stress. This mantra reminds me that my stress is self-imposed. I CHOOSE to allow things to stress me out, and I can CHOOSE to change my mindset. This mantra is a beautiful reminder of the power that we all have within us. We are POWERFUL beyond measure. We have the power to CHOOSE our mindset, to CHOOSE the people we surround ourselves, and to CHOOSE the life that we live. This mantra is perfect for getting your mindset ready to make 2019 the Year of You.


Cozy Winter Beverage - Golden Mylk Latte with Rasa Koffee

I recently discovered Rasa Koffee, and I am HOOKED. Rasa Koffee is an adaptogenic coffee alternative. If you aren’t familiar with adaptogens, they are a scientific classification of plants that help your body be resilient to a range of physical, mental, and emotional stressors. When used regularly, they help your body stay in balance even--and especially!-- when the sh*t hits the fan.


Combining Rasa Koffee with a creamy anti-inflammatory Golden Mylk Latte is… how do I put this? YUM. Seriously, I can’t even explain how delicious is is and how good it makes you feel inside and out. It is the perfect way to combat holiday stress.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to give up coffee completely, Rasa Koffee is also great to mix with your regular coffee to help you sustain your energy longer and prevent that caffeine crash.

I’ve been enjoying mixing my Rasa with with my coffee and a little coconut oil in the morning, and then having my golden milk latte in the afternoon. ☕

Click here to get my Golden Mylk Latte recipe and here to get Rasa Koffee for 20% off by using my code KCWELLNESS at checkout!

Supplements - Ritual Vitamins & Genuine Health Probiotics

Nothing is worse then going into the New Year feeling rundown. Stay healthy through the holidays with my 2 favorite (& only) daily supplements.

I’ve talking about Ritual before. This multi-vitamin is non-GMO, vegan, gluten, and soy free and is made with the 9-essential nutrients that women need most- including omega-3s. Literally 3 months into taking it, my hair grew INCHES. 🙌 I am now on month 7 of taking Ritual and my immune system and energy have never been stronger, in part because the subscription service makes sure that I never miss a day of taking my multi-vitamin. Ritual works so well because they separate all of the ingredients into separate (and adorable) little beads. ANDDD they taste like peppermint and don’t make you nauseous.

For just $30 a month, Ritual vitamins cut out the need for other expensive supplements.


I like to think of myself as a supplement minimalist. I do not want to be taking 7 different things every single day. It’s just too much. Since Ritual basically covers most of the things I need, the only other daily supplement that I take is the women’s advanced gut health probiotic by Genuine Health.

Something I learned recently, is that in order for a probiotic to actually be able to work its magic on the gut, it needs to have a strong enough capsule to get past the acidity of the stomach. Many probiotics don’t have this capability, meaning that they are virtually ineffective. This probiotic from Genuine Health has a strong, vegan, time-release capsule that ensures that 10x more bacteria reach your gut. I’ve been taking this for a little over a month and my gut has never felt better!


Vegan skincare product - Detox me from Fré

I have had dry, acne prone skin since I can remember. In the winter, it gets more dry which in my case leads to MORE acne. UGH. :(

It is really hard to find vegan, cruelty-free products that don’t make me breakout, so thank god I found Fré! Fré’s Detox Me mask uses Argan oil and Argan leaf extract to gently moisturize dry skin. It has been great for me post-workout and teaching in hot sweaty yoga studios since it also gently exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores. I have been using it 2-3 times a week after I get sweaty and my skin feels moisturized and super soft every time.

Give Detox Me a try and take 15% off of your first order when you use my code KELLYCOLLINS at checkout!

Vegan Snack - From the ground up Cauliflower pretzels


OMG THESE ARE SO GOOD. These gluten free, vegan pretzels are a perfect snack. I dip them in hummus and it’s hard not to eat a whole bag in one sitting (but if you do it’s kinda ok since they are so healthy).

These are a perfect to keep in your car as you run around doing your holiday shopping or for a low-cal stress-eating snack. ;)

Get them at Sprouts or on thrivemarket.com. Click here to get 25% off your first Thrive Market order.

Yoga Pose - Supine Twist

HAAAAAHHHHHHH (deep sigh). Nothing feels better for a stiff back then a supine twist. Wind up to unwind this winter with this relaxing yoga pose. Hold for 8 breaths per side.


Exercise - Thoracic Bridge

This one is for mobility. Quickly relieve your winter stiffness by practicing this exercise for 5 reps on each side.


Breathing Exercises - Wave Breath & Nadi Shodhana

The holiday season can be stressful AF. My two favorite breathing exercises for stress are the Wave Breath and Nadi Shodhana (Alternate nostril breathing). Watch my video below to learn how to use these 2 exercises to de-stress in just 2-minutes!

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Sending you lots of love and light this holiday season!