Kelly Collins



After severe corporate burnout, Ava turned to holistic healing to turn her life around, starting first with yoga and then discovering an immense passion for meditation, breath work, and other mindfulness practices. These practices were a catalyst in her life and inspired her to start sharing the gift of mindfulness with the world through her podcast, mentorship program, and in person events.

Favorite things to do: Ava loves connecting with other people that are just beginning their transformational journey and hearing their stories - especially when she can get them on the Alchemized Life Podcast! Travel is a huge element of her life - she always learns something new about herself after every journey.

Fun Facts: Ava is getting married in April to the love of her life and her dog Penny is my flower girl! Also, she is the queen of making breakfast at any time of the day. πŸ˜Š

I am a yoga teacher, mind-body wellness coach, and Reiki practitioner based out of San Diego. 

I have been in the fitness space since 2009, and in 2014 I decided to go to Bali to do my YTT so that I could learn more about yoga and meditation. Let’s just say, that I got hooked. :) In Bali I found a whole new awareness and perspective of my body and mind. Through this newfound awareness, I was able to heal emotional traumas that I had been bottling up for years. It was truly eye-opening and forever changed the way that I looked at physical movement.

Since then, I have been teaching yoga, personal training, and practicing Reiki in San Diego, as well as leading yoga retreats around the world.

My teaching style stems from the variety of physical movement practices in my background and can be described as creative, athletic, and intuitive. I focus strongly on breath, alignment, and reconnecting the body and mind.

My ultimate goal for this retreat is to provide a space for you to reflect, learn more about yourself and the practice of yoga, and to find a sense of balance that you can take home with you.